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Sophie Kirtley

Bloomsbury Publication Writer

Sophie Kirtley grew up in Northern Ireland, where she spent her childhood climbing on hay bales, rolling down sand dunes and leaping the raw Atlantic waves. Nowadays she lives in Wiltshire with her husband, three children and their mini-menagerie of pets and wild things. Sophie has always loved stories: she has taught English and has worked in a theatre, a bookshop and a tiny pub where folk tell fairytales by candlelight. Sophie is also a prize-winning published poet

Matt Abbott


Matt Abbott is a Wakefield born poet, educator and activist. His adult themes mainly centre around socio-political commentary, human struggle and kitchen sink realism. His poetry for children centres around playful rebellion, challenging societal stereotypes and the struggles of modern life.

Yash Tiwari

TEDx Speaker and Writer

As a Young Public Speaker and Youth Mentor, Yash is frequently invited to deliver international and national talks and sessions in various schools, colleges, events, and seminars. He has delivered talks in various states all around the nation. He delivered multiple TEDx Talks, all by the age of 18. He has delivered Josh Talk, which has amassed more than 250,000 Views. He wrote an internationally acclaimed and awarded Debut Novel “A Celebration In Tribulation” written at the age of 16. He has recently written the first book on the Pandemic, “Pandemic 2020: Rise of The Virus”.

Mel Torrefranca


Mel Torrefranca is an entrepreneur from Northern California and founder of the hybrid publishing house Lost Island Press. When she’s not writing fiction or filming YouTube videos, Mel enjoys minimalism, travel, and photography.

Antonio Liranzo


Antonio grew up in Long Island and moved to the city to pursue his dreams to be an artist. Antonio published his first book in June this year called Falling Angel: Rising Phoenix. Writing poetry since he was a child, he always dreamed of having his work published for the public to read and feel the emotions he felt. Using his poetry, Antonio has become an advocate for mental health. Antonio has a BA in Communications and Sociology and is obsessed with all things Britney Spears.

Mazel J


Mazel, commonly known as Mazel J, is an Honors Graduate in International Business but has been walking the path of a writer under the pen name ‘mazelogue’. She is an avid reader and you’ll find her weaving her thoughts onto paper at any given chance. She is an advocate of mental health and claims that writing has always found and saved her whenever she’s been stuck deep in a ditch

Estelle Gassier


Estelle is a screenwriting student living in Paris. When she’s not writing you can find her reading a book or visiting any kind of places to take pictures. She started talking about books online to kill time and it now became a real passion of hers.

David Putnam


David Putnam comes from a family of law enforcement. During his career, he did it all: worked in narcotics, served on FBI-sponsored violent crimes teams, and was cross-sworn as a US Marshall, pursuing murder suspects and bank robbers in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Putnam did two tours on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s SWAT team. He also has experience in criminal intelligence and internal affairs and has supervised corrections, patrol, and a detective bureau. In Hawaii, Putnam was a member of the real-life Hawaii Five O, serving as Special Agent for the Attorney General investigating smuggling and white-collar crimes.

Amy Ephron


Screenwriter, producer, and novelist Amy Ephron is part of a venerable writing dynasty, being the daughter of screenwriters Phoebe and Henry Ephron and the sister of Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally). Her novels include the New York Times-bestselling A Cup of Tea and the stirring One Sunday Morning.

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