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Who he was, I cannot tell

Who he was, I cannot tell

Dreadful clouds gather to prepare for a storm

The wind takes its savage, dusty form

Brittle, brown leaves tremble at the scene

Shivers down my spine, what could it possibly mean?

Windows bang, curtains fly

As the sound of the wind gushes by

But in a storm like this, peace could still be

I turn around and this, I see.

The hall is huge, poorly lit

Lighted only around the centered bit

The chandelier hangs from the ceiling low

Half molten candles give it its glow.

Under it, he sits in grace

Hair neat, chinned up face

His slender fingers trace the keys

Like a lion traces the bark of the trees.

Who he is, I cannot tell

For his music seems to have cast a spell

But his music resonates with such pride

As if no storm exists outside.

Dramatically, I shut my eyes

To look for peace that, within him, lies

All I can hear and want to hear

Is his music which makes the storm disappear.

In my cheeks, I can feel blood rushing

No thoughts in the mind are clashing

A glistening teardrop threatens to fall

Such strong peace makes my skin crawl.

But when I open my eyes, he’s gone

Leaving behind just the silence of dawn

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I wonder what he wished to convey

That phantom, who faded away.

The storm outside neutralized the storm within

And gave him that peace, his ultimate win

Serenity, when the world is distraught 

Peace in the midst of chaos, he taught.

Today I fear, no more, the storm

Even in its savage, dusty form

Because all I hear and long to hear

Is his music which makes the storm disappear.

Who he was, I still cannot tell

For his music seemed to have cast a spell

But his music resonated with such pride

As if no storm existed outside.

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