Termination Policy

The Teen Pop and its affiliates have full rights to terminate anyone on grounds of Cheating, Plagiarism and incompetence of authors or social media managers with the team. The Teen Pop will associate a notice period of 30 days with Termination Letter. Upon completion of 30 days, The Teen Pop will shutdown all of the services rendered by The Teen Pop to its authors. These services include Web Hosting, Domain Name Support, Social Media Management and Link Shortening Service.

All the published articles associated with the terminated account would continue to be on website and all the to be published articles would be deleted from The Teen Pop’s Server. The Authors can request PDF’s of their ‘to be published’ articles.

Authors terminated on the grounds of cheating and plagiarism cant join The Teen Pop in the future whereas, incompetent authors upon improving can join The Teen Pop as a new author.

Last Updated: 06-06-202
The Teen Pop