PR Agencies

Cutting down the line to serve you better!

Often, we feel confused whom did we reply, whom we didn’t when it comes to PR releases, which we often do at The Teen Pop for free! Therefore, introducing a more streamlined platform to help you serve better and fasten the things up! 

It feels really bad when you don’t get replies to your email! It hurts! But, now no more emails! The Teen Pop Magazine is the first of its kind to introduce such kind of platform for PR Agencies to schedule their PR Releases, Interviews all at one place from a single unified dashboard!

Schedule the releases your way!

Once your agency is verified, you can post any number of posts that too at your own scheduled time, before the content is made public our team will do the essential part by embedding SEO and making graphics for your press releases so that it cohorts with the overall theme of the magazine. 

No more waiting time and delays for your releases! Everything catered in a way you want. You can submit your client’s schedule in a PDF format and accordingly an interviewer would be assigned to you for the same at your scheduled time! 

How to register?

The process is very simple, you just need to fill up a registration form. Our Management Team will review your organization’s credibility and authenticity. All this won’t take much than 24 hours, once verified we would allow you to login to our systems using the email address which you submitted while registration!

Just in case, we are not able to verify your organization’s credibility, you can apply again or can directly reach out to the support team where we would try to verify your organization using Email Verification and other tools. 

That’s it!