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NGOs – Grow with Teen Pop Campaign

NGOs – Grow with Teen Pop Campaign

Sandali Srivastava

Founder at Virtuskool

Sandali Srivastava is an incoming junior attending high school in Texas who is passionate about computer science and programming. She loves art, music, and writing, and she enjoys teaching younger students in her free time. empowerment.

Virtuskool is an initiative that provides online resources free of cost and accessible to all students regardless of age. These resources are in the form of written articles in academic subjects like English, Science and Math and we strive to give education regarding current events, which can be viewed in our blog section.

Yousef Abou Areda

Founder at Raise4Refugees

Yousef is the youngest of four and currently lives with his family in Park Slope, Brooklyn. His parents left Imam El Shafi, one of the poorest villages in Cairo, Egypt in search of a better education for their children. After losing his grandmother in 2018 to a treatable infection that doctors in Egypt failed to treat, Yousef quickly saw the disparities in healthcare between the US and developing countries. Raise4refugees is a youth-led campaign dedicated to preventing the spread of COVID-19 among Palestinian refugee communities and educating people on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. All proceeds will be going to Islamic Relief USA to provide food packages to starving families, building new water and sanitation facilities, and distributing hygiene kits. The campaign is being carried out by Muslim, Jewish, and Arab youth who aim to show that humanitarian aid is at the center of the campaign.They hope the diversity of our group inspires more young Muslims and Jews to work together towards creating a more peaceful future for Palestinians.

Raise4refugees is a youth-led campaign dedicated to preventing the spread of COVID-19 among Palestinian refugee communities and educating people on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Varya Yadav

Founder at Cards in Kindness

Varya Yadav is a freshman and she loves volunteering, she founded this chapter of Card’s in kindness to spread joy in India as volunteers and such programs are rare in India.

Cards In Kindness aims to spread kindness through cards that volunteers make for children in hospitals or senior centres. We contact hospitals and senior centres, offering our services and spreading kindness.

Debargha Roy

Debargha Roy

Founder at Project Saathi

Debargha Roy is a second-year student of Law at Gujarat National Law University. He leads Project Saathi as its President and heads the Research Division. His areas of research interest include education, child rights, prison reforms and constitutional law. He actively mentors in various non-profits and firmly believes in student empowerment. This riveting interview serves the purpose to inspire viewers to advocate for their beliefs.

Project Saathi is an NGO whose vision and the aim is to reach out to every student, regardless of their background, and provide the best opportunities and mentorship from their end. In order to achieve this vision, they have charted out a few aims and objectives on which our organization runs.

Khushi Popli

Founder at Project Pragati

Khushi Popli is the Founder and Head of Content Writing at Project Pragati. She strongly believes in the power of social entrepreneurship and the prospect of volunteerism. Through Project Pragati, she aims to empower like-minded teenagers across the globe, enabling them to create tangible change in society.

Project Pragati is a youth-led organization that recognizes, supports, and empowers small scale businesses and other marginalized communities such as farmers, migrant workers, and low-wage earners that have been impacted by the pandemic.

Nandini Sehgal

Coordinator at Robin Hood Army Nigeria

Nandini Sehgal is a student at Lagos, Nigeria. She had been a part of Robin Hood Army India and joined Robin Hood Army Nigeria soon enough and has been working tirelessly to comply with its vision. She wishes and aims to continue to work with such organizations to make the world a better place. Robin Hood Army is a volunteer-based, a zero-funds organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants and the community to serve less fortunate people. Their local chapters are run by friends and colleagues, who hope to create a difference in their own unique way.

Riti and Roshni

Founders at Stories Told Through Movement

STTM consists of two dancers, Roshni and Riti who believe in the individuality of every dancer and style. They aim to teach storytelling and how to create emotion through any choreography by collaborating with, teaching to, and learning from other artists.

Stories Told Through Movement is a safe dance space where artists from all backgrounds can come together and learn new ways of movement. They teach fusion styles of dance and wish to change the landscape of the American dance industry by spreading Indian culture and styles of dance through creating accessible classes and choreographies for dancers who may or may not have prior experience with these forms of movement.

Jung Yun Kim

Founders at United Global Youth

Kim Jung Yun is a Korean student studying in Singapore. She was inspired by her experience studying abroad in a multi-cultural country to found and lead United Global Youth.

United Global Youth is a non-profit organization that aims to connect and educate students all around the world through a virtual exchange program. UGY believes passionately in the power of communication and technology to nurture a global community of students who are worldly-minded, critical, and transformative thinkers.

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