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Minorities in America Fight Injustices

Minorities in America Fight Injustices

Minority groups in the United States are facing a lot of injustices and we need to be aware of this in order to change the situation.

We all know of the minority groups in America, but do you know the injustices they face in everyday life? To get a better understanding of the unfair treatment minorities get let’s start with the basic definition; what is a minority? A minority refers to a person whose race, religion, ethnicity, or other characteristics are lesser in numbers than the main groups of those classifications.

For example, the percentage of whites in the United States is 73% (including white Hispanics). The percentage of Hispanics in the United States is 16.7%, so they would be the minority. Minority groups in America include but are not limited to African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Muslims, Asians, and Pacific Islanders.

Injustices African Americans Face

black injustice

After 246 years of slavery and 95 years of Jim Crow laws, African Americans still face Institutional racism. This affects how African Americans are treated in society. It leads to issues such as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power, and education, among other issues. According to, a black man in the U.S. has an estimated 1 in 1,000 chance of being killed by police during his lifetime, according to a paper out today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. That’s 2.5 times the odds for a non-Hispanic white man, the authors find. Black women are 1.4 times more likely than white women to be killed by police. 

Things Happening Today

We’re all aware of George Floyd’s death which took place in  Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. after officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Shortly after, these events sparked the mobilization of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

BLM actually started back on July 13th of 2013 after the #BlackLivesMatter circulated around social media after George Zimmerman fatally shot African-American teen Trayvon Martin 17 months earlier, in February 2012. Close to 42 per million people of African-Americans were killed in police shootings between 2013 and 2019, the highest among all races. Here’s a chart from the referred website.

Race of the victimNo. of victimsVictims per million people
African American1,94442
Pacific Islander4229
Native American11220
White 3,37814

This may not seem like a lot and you’re probably thinking, “Well if African Americans are being killed at a higher rate than how come there are more white victims?” Simple. The U.S consists of 234,370,202 whites (including white Hispanics). The number of African Americans in the U.S is only 42,000,000. African Americans only make up 14% of the population yet they’re getting killed triple the amount that white Americans are.

Putting Controversial Topics to Rest

  1. If someone says, “Black Lives Matter,” and you reply with, “All Lives Matter,” you’re just trying to silence the BLM movement. Why you ask? Let’s say your mother died. You’re at her funeral talking about how much of a loving person she was and someone bursts into the funeral saying, “All mothers matter.” Of course, all lives matter but at the moment, your mother, specifically, matters. And if someone says, “Black Lives Matter,” and you say, “All Lives Matter,” it doesn’t even make sense because Black Lives is a branch of All Lives. So basically you’re just trying to belittle BLM.
  2. A lot of people think that ACAB stands for, All cops are bad. That’s incorrect. ACAB stands for All Cops are Bastards. No, not the curse word; it derives from the word bastardize, which means lower in quality and value than its original form/corrupt. There are definitely good cops at heart out there but by working for a bastardized/unjust system it makes them bastards.
  3. The n-word IS NOT just a word. Unlike other words, it doesn’t have a simple definition. It has a history behind it and is disrespectful to say. Even if you meant it as a “joke” or “didn’t mean it in a racist way.” It’s a racial slur and if you say it you’re a racist.

What You Can Do to Help

A lot of people aren’t able to attend the protests due to coronavirus or other reasons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Luckily, you can do things like speak out about the matter, sign petitions, donate, etc.

Injustices Hispanics Face

hispanic injustice

In 1931, police officers gathered Mexican-Americans around Olvera Street, Los Angeles. Many of which were U.S. citizens, and forced them inside waiting vans. Immigration agents arrested about 400 people, who were then deported to Mexico. Their citizenship and/or immigration status didn’t matter. That was only one of the many events that took place in history.

America’s discrimination against Latino people has been happening since the 1840s. Latino’s have been through illegal deportations, school segregation, and even lynching. According to, “Though Latinos were critical to the U.S. economy and often were American citizens, everything from their language to the color of their skin to their countries of origin could be used as a pretext for discrimination.”

Things Happening Today

Immigrants are being held in ICE detention centers and are being gassed with chemical disinfectants over 50 times a day which causes pain and bleeding. In an article, it says, “Detainees at the Adelanto detention centre in California said many have fallen severely ill due to the constant spray, with at least nine falling severely ill since May 11 according to the report.”

‘“When I blow my nose, blood comes out,” one inmate said. “They are treating us like animals. One person fainted and was taken out, I don’t know what happened to them. There is no fresh air.”’ ICE guards were also accused of sexually assaulting detainees in an El Paso detention center as stated in this passage

Putting Controversial Topics to Rest

  1. No one is illegal on stolen land.
  2. Mexicans and/or Hispanics aren’t rapists.

What You Can Do to Help

Spread awareness on social media about what’s happening in these ICE detention centers, donate, sign petitions, protest, etc.

Injustices Native Americans Face

native american injustice

Back in August of 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived in America. When he came ashore, the Arawaks went to greet them bringing food and gifts. In return, he killed many to deter a rebellion because he wanted to take their land. He forced many into labor for the sake of profit. He later sent thousands of peaceful Tainos of Hispaniola to Spain to be sold into slavery.

Those who stayed behind were supposed to work in search of gold. After sixty years after Columbus landed in America, 250,000 Taino became hundreds. In the article it states, “In response to native unrest and revolt, Columbus ordered a brutal crackdown in which many natives were killed; in an attempt to deter further rebellion, Columbus ordered their dismembered bodies to be paraded through the streets.”

The Native American population used to be 60 million in 1492, but now only 2.9 million remain in the U.S.

Things Happening Today

Today the Native American population is only 0.9%. Native American women are 10 times more likely to be murdered than the rest of the population.

Native Americans face many challenges as of today. Impoverishment and unemployment, violence against women and children, Native Americans are less educated, poor quality housing, inadequate health care, unable to exercise voting rights, Native language is becoming extinct, limited financial institutions in the Native communities, natural resources exploitation, etc.

“Many of those who gathered together last October still do not have answers as to what happened to their mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters. Some said they felt failed by authorities; they had been made to wait days by police to report a loved one’s disappearance or had their pleas for help ignored altogether,” according to The Guardian

Putting Controversial Topics to Rest

  1. Refer to Native Americans as Native Americans or indeginous. They’re not indians.
  2. This is stolen land not “claimed” land,
  3. Native American culture is not your costume.

What You Can Do to Help

Share this info on social media, sign petitions, donate to the cause, and protest.

Injustices Muslims Face

muslim injustice

Muslims have always been discriminated against and called terrorists, especially after 9/11 happened. According to Foreign Policy, “I have deliberately selected ‘low-end’ estimates for Muslim fatalities, so these figures present the ‘best case’ for the United States.

Even so, the United States has killed nearly 30 Muslims for every American lost.” This news is shocking considering the fact that Muslims only make up 1.1% of the population in America. Muslims have always been attacked for their religious beliefs and a lot is happening today which you don’t know about.

Things Happening Today

Millions of Uyghur Muslims are being held in concentration camps in China. They’re being raped, tortured, forced to eat pork, and drink alcohol (which is against their religion), etc. If they refuse they’re killed. All this is happening solely based on their religion. Not a lot of people know about this because China controls what news goes in and out of the country.

You might be wondering what America has to do with this. Well ever since people elected that orange idiot into office he made the Muslim ban. That prohibits people of Muslim countries from coming into the country. Even if you’re a refugee in search of a brand new beginning your denied access into the country because – guess what – you’re a Muslim.

Putting Controversial Topics to Rest

  1. Muslims ARE NOT terrorists. If you’re a terrorist than your automatically not a Muslim. Islam DOES NOT promote violence of any sort.
  2. Let’s not forget that majority of lone-wolf terrorism is caused by whites. “When it comes to the ethnicity of the offenders involved, they were predominantly white. As the following infographic shows, 65 percent were white, 13 percent were Middle Eastern, eight percent were black, along with another eight percent who were bi-racial. four percent were Asian and two percent were Hispanic.”, as stated in Statista.
  3. Islam is a religion. Muslims are the people following the religion of Islam
  4. Not all Muslims are Arab or Middle Eastern. For example, there are African and European Muslims.
  5. An Arab country is different from a Middle Eastern country. An Arab country is a country whose national language is Arabic. A Middle Eastern country is just a country in the Middle East. 
  6. It’s funny how all of this is happening to Muslims and people still say we should be “scared of them.”

What You Can Do to Help

Spread awareness on social media about what’s happening in China, protest, donate, and sign petitions.

Injustices Brown People face

Brown people (also referred to as South Asians) are another minority group of only 5.4 million in the United States. South Asian American people can usually trace back their heritage to Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. They are a subcategory of Asian Americans. Due to them being a subcategory of Asian Americans the problems they face aren’t put out there as much as they should be. 

What’s happening today:

Many parts of South Asia are suffering from water scarcity. Parts of Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan are distressed of water shortage due to desertification. Some parts of India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are facing the problem of lowering of the groundwater table. Additionally, they also face problems such as bad job conditions at the reservations, exploitation, environmental destruction, lack of education and poverty, social challenges, shortage of housing, health problems, etc. If you want to know more about these issues check this out!

Putting Controversial Topics to Rest:

South Asians are generalized the world over in manners that are dehumanizing, and at times it can prompt despondency and psychological well-being issues. Generalizations included social preferences identified with the South Asian inclination for specific callings, for example, medication, designing, and figuring, or their quality in administration businesses as inn proprietors or taxi drivers. As South Asians keep on acclimatizing, more sure recognitions win.

See Also

What you can do to Help:

Talk about the injustices South Asians face and the environmental issues that are happening in their countries. Donate and spread awareness on social media.

Injustices Asians Face

asian injustice

Within the United States, Asian Americans have long been considered as a danger to a country that advanced a whites-only migration arrangement. They were called a “yellow peril”: unclean and unfit for citizenship in America. In the late 19th century, white nativists spread xenophobic publicity approximately Chinese uncleanliness in San Francisco.

This “fuel” and your immature president in office isn’t making it any better. They’ve always faced the entry of the infamous Chinese Exclusion Act, the primary law within the United States that banned movement exclusively based on race. Racism towards Asians is starting to be normalized. It’s not a joke; they’re humans too. 

Things Happening Today

Now that there’s the coronavirus, Asians are being mocked and getting called, “Kung-flu.” Not only that but they are facing discrimination for their features as well. They’re always made fun of for their facial features such as their eyes. But now all of a sudden pulling your eyes back to do “fox eyes” is a trend.

Asians didn’t face years of discrimination for something they couldn’t change just for it to be a trend. Asians also feel ashamed to practice their culture because of how they grew up.

Putting Controversial Topics to Rest

  1. Stop being disrespectful. It’s not a “joke.”
  2. Their food doesn’t smell weird. Sorry, you grew up eating only pizza rolls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  3. Stop making fun of their natural features.

What You Can Do to Help

Try being a decent human being and minding your business. Being racist towards Asians shouldn’t be a part of your routine. 

Injustices Pacific Islanders Face

pacific islanders injustice

Pacific Islanders include but are not limited to Native Hawaiian, Samoan, Guamanian, Tongan, Fijian, Marshallese, etc. They’ve always faced racial injustice and hate crimes. For example, one in five Pacific Islanders experience discrimination in the rental and home buying process. They’re also the largest group of people who have been declined homeownership compared to any other group. They also face issues when it comes to health, education, poverty, etc. You can find more information on that here.

Things Happening Today

I think we’re all aware of who Mark Zuckerburg is. Collectively, Zuckerberg has bought 10 properties, although he’s known for additionally purchasing surrounding residences to ensure his privacy — he’s sold four homes surrounding his main Palo Alto house and a stake in a beach adjacent to a plantation he purchased in Kauai. Even so, he’s suing Hawaiian landowners to secure his 700-acre island estate.

Pacific Islanders only make up 0.5% of the U.S. population. Hawaiians are trying to preserve the land they have left but it’s being taken away by a rich brat. Samoans have a long road ahead trying to fix problems like poverty, youth unemployment, gender equality, and issues with climate change.

Guam is plagued by faulty electrical systems and the island’s also suffered the loss of 10 of the 12 bird species native to the island in recent years. In Togan water pollution is a significant problem due to salinization, sewage, and toxic chemicals from farming activities.

Fiji faces major environmental challenges, including deforestation, unsustainable fishing practices, and the introduction of invasive species, such as the crown-of-thorns starfish, that have led to the destruction of coral reefs. Marshallese suffers from a disproportionately high incidence of many chronic diseases, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and infectious diseases, such as Hansen’s disease (leprosy), tuberculosis, and types of hepatitis.

Putting Controversial Topics to Rest

  1. Their culture is not your costume.

What You Can Do to Help

Spread awareness about what’s going on in these places. Sign petitions and donate to help them with the problems they face.

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