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Beauty Standards and its 3 Impacts on Confidence

Beauty Standards and its 3 Impacts on Confidence

Confidence doesn’t come easy to many teenagers who don’t realize the fact that their confidence is what makes them sincerely beautiful and is the only beauty standard that matters! It’s almost as if it’s wasted potential if, per se, an average teenage girl with the visage of a goddess didn’t understand her own beauty because of the community’s Beauty Standards. Not being able to be confident and have that kind of self-esteem is what keeps their beauty hidden within, as it’s not able to blossom into its full potential. 

Beauty Standards at A Glance 

beauty standards of figureBeauty Standards of Figure 

Beauty standards come in many forms, whether it being excessive, or to put a teenager in a place where they feel that either they are perfect or nowhere near perfect. Standards also variate with many countries across the globe, though, with an average female high school student in the United States, our American standards force us to feel as if we need a nose as small as it can get, an hourglass body of a model’s, or even more plump lips. 

With male high school students, they are expected to have a jawline sharper than a knife, a toned body (with or without visible abs), and a haircut that is acceptable to society. These standards usually prove to people who the “prettiest” or “most handsome” person in their school is. 

All these standards set very slim chances for a person to feel beautiful for the way they look without any self-esteem. The same goes for a person who may fit all these standards with zero poise. An average teenager with all the morale in the world over their appearance is perceived as more beautiful than a person with the face of an angel with absolutely no self-esteem. How one view themselves affects how others view them, as surrounding themselves with negativity and no esteem takes the beauty away from the potential. 

Beauty Standards & Confidence 

So, the true question is, Do you believe that beauty standards or confidence is whatmakes someone beautiful, and why?” I’ve anonymously interviewed a few peers on this issue for the outlook and perspective of average high school students.“Beauty is practical, as everyone is beautiful in their own way. I believe there’s absolutely no ideal look, though beauty comes in shapes and sizes based on a corrupt beauty standard. Confidence is what makes someone beautiful, as it brings out the best in people”, A peer anonymously states. 

As said, beauty standards are not what makes a person beautiful, but rather the confidence and tenacity that blooms in them. “I don’t believe meeting beauty standards is what makes people beautiful. Many people see beauty differently, anyways. I do think that confidence makes someone beautiful since they are positive about themselves. If you deny that you are beautiful, then you’ll never see yourself as beautiful.” Another student explains. One depriving themselves of confidence and elan is only going to convince them and others that they are not beautiful for who they are. “I mean, it’s kind of controversial…” 

A beauty standard is set to prove who is considered beautiful and handsome or not. Confidence is definitely key to believing that you fit certain standards, but we can’t change the standards set in place around us.” One says. It’s true, we can’t change the surrounding standards, nor can we change the mind of people. But, we can further encourage the fact that everyone has beauty in themselves and that they have to find the reason to believe so. Confidence does not come easy when the standards are set to a high. 


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“Confidence is what makes someone beautiful. How can you be beautiful without actually believing so? The high beauty standards that are being applied and labelled on people are not what is going to make them beautiful. They have to fully accept themselves before they can call themselves that. Beauty standards vary, and until you make your own standards and find what you like, you can’t rightly be beautiful to yourself and to others,” a student expounds. 

Confidence not only proves to you that you are beautiful but to others as well. The certainty with your appearance is based on your own beauty standards, not others. Beauty standards only set a common expectation for many people to either approve or disapprove of. These standards do not automatically make you beautiful, as the expectations you set for yourself do. 

Many people have confidence even when they are not “traditionally beautiful,” with a symmetrical face and ideal body, but yet they continue to shine brighter than those who put themselves down. Your own confidence brings out the best of you and your beauty within. You can also find 5 Ways to Effectively Boost your Confidence in one of our recent articles! 

With that being said, confidence has proven itself to truly be key. 

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