Building Blocks

This course covers a basic introduction to Wix, Weebly, uCraft and WordPress. This course would help you to decide which platform to use while building your organization’s website. This course is specifically designed for the web developers, designers and Founders of the organization. So that they can select the right tool for building their dream!

What you will learn?

  • Choosing the right website builder.
  • Comparision over prices and simplicity.

Presentation by: Ayush Anand
Designed by: Riddhi Bhattacharya, Ayush Anand and Sarim Hamid

Is this course free?

Yes definitely! Covered under Grow with Teen Pop

Who can take this course?

Anyone who wills to choose the perfect tool for making their organization’s website.

I am stuck?

Well, that’s not an issue! We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused :(.
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Download the PDF by clicking here.


Ayush Anand

Ayush Anand is a hardworking and innovative high school sophomore and the founder of The Teen Pop Magazine, who excels at coding and website development. He is assertive and confident with his work and always thinks twice before making any decision, be it big or small. Ayush is a relaxed person but knows when to be serious and diligent.

Riddhi Bhattacharya

Riddhi Bhattacharya is an amiable and aspiring student, freelance blogger, writer and editor at The Teen Pop Magazine. Her passion resides in etching down the feelings of her heart and the notions of her mind and conveying them to the world with her speeches, articles, blogs and debates.