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Anxiety: 5 Useful Strategies to Reduce It

Anxiety: 5 Useful Strategies to Reduce It

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future ”

Deepak Chopra

The aforementioned quote is one of my favourites because it makes me realize that reacting to overrated issues gets me nothing but the same old output from people I care about. When I start thinking about it, the more I react to something that is not worth caring about, the more I lose myself to Anxiety!

We know that there are many ways to deal with a situation instead of getting stressed about it, so we don’t fall into the trap of anxiety but sometimes we do and that is unrecognizable until we find ourselves being different from how we used to be.

Most of the time, we don’t realize that the pain we feel is temporary and our minds think of it as something that is forever. We feel trapped and think of it as something that is not going to leave us ever. That feeling soon haunts us all the time. It is called anxiety, and the actual challenge is if we can overcome it or not!

To be precise, Anxiety is the body’s reaction to stressful, dangerous, situations that we are not familiar with. It’s a sense of uncomfortableness, or apprehension we feel before an important event. Up to a point, anxiety is something that helps us stay aware, but once we go to the next level, it becomes a disorder and makes us feel like we’re stuck with that feeling. Research says that anxiety is caused by many sets of factors including genetics, personality, and life events, not just by the brain.

Just like how there are strategies to win a battle that require a lot of focus, there are strategies to win against anxiety and realizing that you are more than how you react to something. After asking all my friends about how they feel about staying at home during the Coronavirus quarantine, many of them said that they were super bored, alone, and stressed about how they were not able to go outside and meet others like they used to. Some even said that they’ve been suffering from anxiety because of all the things that have happened in quarantine, let alone in 2020.

I also asked them how they were able to overcome that feeling of anxiety and they shared a few strategies that worked for them. They are from personal experiences, maybe not mine but someone who has gone through it. I’m also not saying that they are going to give you instant relief or that they are effective strategies for everyone, but the following are some strategies that could work, for you!

1. Talk to someone

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This is a popular strategy, but it is one of the most helpful ones. Talk to someone you know like a close friend or family member, someone that makes you feel comfortable. Talking to someone gives you a kind of feeling that shows you are not alone, and there are people that care about you. It’s also a way to resolve conflicts which is also helpful in managing anxiety.

2. Listen to Music

Studies have shown that music has several positive effects on a human’s body and brain. All of us have that one song that we can listen to for the whole day, a song that gives us vibes. One of my favourite songs is “Scars to your beautiful” by Alessia Cara. I listen to that song and think about what caused me to stress, then try to solve it.
Create a playlist that is filled with songs that give you happy or peaceful vibes. By doing this, the next time when anxiety strikes, you can calm yourself by listening to the playlist you created. Music can be the cure for a lot of problems that are situational and brief.

3. Relaxation Apps

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Pause: A Relaxation App

A lot of times, in the middle of playing games we get these ads regarding relaxation apps, and guess what? They are actually helpful when it comes to fighting against anxiety. These can help you relax as well as feel less stressed and refreshed. They can also help to create focus to do any activities. Find ways to stay relaxed and refreshed by checking our article on 7 YouTube Channel to get you in shape during Quarantine.

4. Keep yourself busy

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Ways to Stay Busy

Keep yourself busy by doing activities like reading a book, cleaning your room, drawing, writing, virtually volunteering, or something to keep yourself busy can help to shift your focus from that haunting feeling to the activity you’re doing. It is a great strategy to overcome anxiety because you are not thinking about any difficulties you’ve been facing. I’d say this is a temporary solution, but it helps when it comes to having a lot of free time at home, especially now because of the lockdown. You can also volunteer to write for The Teen Pop Magazine by filling this form:

5. Forgive Yourself

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In many situations, when something out of the ordinary happens or something unexpected occurs, we blame ourselves about the situation and that leads to anxiety. I remember the countless times I blamed myself for things that happened in front of me. I thought it was my fault, whether I was a part of it or if I did nothing about it. I learned that everything that happens in your life is not something you should take the blame for.

It’s okay to feel bad about what happens, but it’s not right to think of it as your fault. Learn to forgive yourself for not foreseeing a worry that happens. It is one of the most important strategies you can use to overcome anxiety because the feeling of guilt, even when you don’t do anything wrong can lead to anxiety and make your life more stressful. These are a few strategies to win the battle with anxiety. Hopefully, after applying these strategies, it helps lessen anxiety in your life and adds some happiness. These can be useful not only during the lockdown but anytime when anxiety challenges you.

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