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A stupendous art of Overthinking!

A stupendous art of Overthinking!

I go to 2 colleges. One is an “Engineering College” where I get some countable credits while the other is a “College of Overthinking” where I get zero credits. But even after knowing this, I can’t resist attending the latter one.

Oh wait; have you ever walked through the same road? Have you ever been in a place when you allow your thoughts to run, and after a while, they topple over an endless spiral?

It was 4 in the morning when I was jolted awake. The same thoughts started running in my mind again and again. What am I doing? What is reality? Is this the right choice that I am making? What if it didn’t work? Why do I want to go for it? Is everyone happy about it? Should I go back and change my decision? But I want to go for it. Why am I not enough? I cannot get out of my head! Slowly, it led me to the questions – who am I? Why am I here? It eventually landed me into a pool of questions that doubted my existence.

I know your answer. It’s a big YES.

Deep in the ocean of Dilemma

Every one of us must have been through this some or the other day, or maybe right now you are under this situation. I hope you are not like me, who is into this process of so-called overthinking every minute and every second of my life – practically living in the ocean of overthinking!

To think back or imagine a single thought multiple numbers of times, even the ultimate result, is not in our hands. The real problem occurs when our mind says one thing and our heart, the other. But this is where the actual beauty lies. We all know that thinking about it constantly will not make any difference in the outcome, but still, we think like that. However, this is completely normal. Most of the time, we are thinking even without realizing that we are thinking. And this beauty transforms overthinking into an art. It is an art of creating imaginary problems that never existed.

Don’t worry; this will definitely boost your creativity and imagination.

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Thinking too much about anything is frustrating and tiring. Your mind goes too far, drowning you into emotions. When the same thoughts oscillate back and forth with a high frequency, it not only affects the frequency of our brain but can also lead to severe mental health problems and shrinking the volume of the brain.

Keeping everything aside, first, let’s know that we are a product of our thoughts. They are always with us. And we have to decide how to play with them right and be careful so they don’t play with us.

I opine that one should not stop overthinking completely, because it can ruin you only if you let it! So, just don’t allow it to jump on your pillow and ruin your sleep.

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