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4 Important facts about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Domestic Violence Case

4 Important facts about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Domestic Violence Case

Pirates of Caribbean actor, Johnny Depp, finished up 5 days of declaration in his defamation case against Sun Newspaper on Monday, claiming that his ex-wife Amber Heard landed a ‘haymaker’ punch at him on the night that Depp had found out he had lost $650 million. 

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard 

Johnny and Amber 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard initially knew each other as co-stars back in 2009 when they met for the first time on the sets of their film The Rum Diary. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were attracted to each other during the shooting of The Rum Diary but they started dating only in 2012 after Johnny Depp broke up with his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. After their first public appearance as a couple, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard sparked engagement rumours when Amber flaunted her diamond ring. A few days later the couple hosted an engagement party with close friends and family. 

Allegations against Johnny Depp 

Johnny Depp is suing the publication at London’s High Court after they labelled him as a ‘wife beater’ in an article published back in 2018. Furthermore, the court also heard evidence from the Sun magazine’s lawyer that Depp had violently attacked his ex-wife on at least 14 different occasions over a span of 3 years since 2013, whenever he was enraged by jealousy or consuming large quantities of alcohol or drugs. According to Amber Heard, the actor would become, “the monster”, the publication’s lawyer told the court. 

Johnny Depp denied all the allegations that he had attacked his wife and says that Amber Heard was lying and that she was making up a planned a hoax as part of an “insurance policy” report and that she had been the one that attacked him. 

On Monday, the court was told that one of the incidents took place after Heard’s 30th birthday party back in 2016, where Depp had been late to arrive due to a meeting with his business advisers. The meeting was to alert Depp that his previous managers had lost $650 million that he had made from films, a “ludicrous” sum, he said, and that he had only owed $100 million because he had not paid tax for 17 years. 

He also told the court that Heard had accused him of making her look foolish in front of her friends and that she had attacked him while he was reading in bed, claiming that she had thrown a “haymaker” punch at him. For a 5th day, appearing in the witness box, Depp was asked by his lawyer, David Sherborne, about the transcript of a conversation that the former couple had in 2016 after Heard had made her accusations public. 

“Either I’m in a secret fight club… (or) I have been plotting to do this for 3 years,” “No one is going to believe that.” 

Amber Heard to David Sherborne 

Allegations against Amber Heard 

Johnny Depp said he believed that what his ex-wife was saying was a “reverse confession”. “It seemed everything that she accused me of was something she had done to me,” he stated. The court was shown a number of pictures that Amber Heard had taken herself, which showed injuries she says Depp had imposed. 

Sasha Wass, Sun’s lawyer, stated the photos were taken to show Depp when he had sobered up and in her witness statement, she said that she “never imagined” they would form a part of a court case. Depp then claims that he was never shown the pictures.  In addition, a humiliating picture of Depp was shown in court, which presented Depp passed out and covered in ice cream. 

Shape Johnny Depp Ice cream

“I was obviously on the nod and very tired, falling asleep, and the ice cream then spilled all over my leg. Then she took that…and showed me the next day and said, ‘Look at what you’ve become… look at you, it’s pathetic,’” 

Johnny Depp told the court 

The court also heard from Johnny Depp’s assistant Stephen Deuters, who as asked about a text message he sent to the actress the day after she claims she was kicked by the actor in a drunken rage while on a private jet. 

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“When I told him he kicked you, he cried,”  Duters had typed and sent in a text. He told the court the actor had only made a playful attempt to tap her on the bottom with his foot and that Depp has described it as a kick to please Amber Heard. Deuters goes on further to say that he never saw Johnny Depp being violent towards the actress. 

The Court Case 

Regardless of the defamation case heard some astonishing accusations and revelations about the former couple’s relationship. Judge Andrew Nicol was told Depp had slapped, headbutted, kicked, threatened and thrown bottles at Heard during intense arguments. Johnny Depp has recounted about one incident where Heard has severed the tip of his finger by lunging a bottle of vodka at him. He used his injured finger to scrawl messages across the house using his blood as well as paint. 

“I went back to L.A. to have surgery – they put a pin in my finger and I ended up catching MRSA, which is quite a painful disease.” 

Johnny Depp

According to court documents, Johnny Depp relayed to the judge that he was “uncomfortable with the idea of (Heard) doing nudity,” reported The Guardian. Heard’s lawyers said that the actress took measures to hide her schedule from him so that he wouldn’t find out if a nude scene was planned, as well as insisting that he did not want her to wear sexy outfits on the red carpet. Heard will start to give evidence on Friday with the trial to pan out for 3 weeks. 

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